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Fresh Vegetables

Quick Overview

  • 1 Cabbage 12.Cucumber

    2 Kholrabi 13.String bean

    3 Lady’s Finger 14.Bottle Gourd

    4 Bitter Gourd 15.Potato

    5 Sweet Gourd 16.Garlic Ginger

    6 Capsicum 17.Lemon

    7 Carrot 18.Onion

    8 Chilli Green 19.Spinach

    9 Radish 20.Brinjal

    10 Hyacinth Beans 21.Wax Gourd

    11 Cauliflower 22.Tomato

    23 Peppers (red, hot).

    Fresh mixed vegetables

    Mxing Mix in 2-way/3-way/4-way etc.

    Packing 10kgs carton loose packing or mixed according to customers’ requirements Peppers (red, hot).


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