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Super Bock Beer

Quick Overview

Product Details: Bottle beer 250ml

Packing: 24 Bottles x 250ml. Per carton

2366 Cartons Per 40Ft Container


Fresh from the brewery

The boundless pleasure of a non-alcoholic beer with an intense flavour and full body.


Super Bock non-alcoholic beer. Boundless pleasure.

Launched on the Portuguese market in 2007, Super Bock Non-Alcoholic comes in 3 varieties: Super Bock Non-Alcoholic Pilsener, Super Bock Non-Alcoholic Dark and Super Bock 0,0%.

Aroma: All of the aroma of an alcoholic beer.


Appearance: Bright golden color with a stable white head.


Flavour: Slightly bitter.

Suggestions: Serve at a temperature between 4 and 6 ÂșC

Awards: Two gold medals in the Monde Selection de la Qualité highest award